New Well Registration Fee

The owner of any new well shall submit to the District a $500 non-refundable well registration fee per well.

Water Use Fee Rate (Non-exempt wells only): $0.20 per 1,000 gallons.

Wells exempt under Rule 2.1 shall be exempt from payment of Water Use Fees. However, if exempt well status is withdrawn, the District may assess fees and penalties in accordance with the District Rules.

Permit Fees

All Non-exempt wells must obtain a permit. A Historic Use Permit (for those wells that were registered prior to January 1, 2019) has a fee of $250 per well. New wells must obtain an Operating Permit with a fee of $1,000 per well. All permits must be renewed every 5 years with a $150 per well fee.

Exception Application Fee

For wells seeking an exception to the minimum tract size requirements and/or well spacing requirements, a fee of $250 applies.

Groundwater Transport Fee

The District shall impose a 50 percent export surcharge in addition to the District’s Water Use Fee for in-District use for transportation of groundwater produced in the District that is transported for use outside of the District, except as provided by Rule 6.1(b). The procedures, requirements, and penalties related to payment of the Water Use Fee shall also apply to payment of the Groundwater Transport Fee.

Fees for water produced or transported between January 1 and June 30 each year are due to the District by August 1 of the same calendar year; fees for water produced or transported between July 1 and December 31 each year are due to the District by February 1 of the following calendar year. Fee payment shall be submitted in conjunction with the Water Production Reports, monthly logs, and Groundwater Transport Reports, if applicable.

Online Monthly Fee Payment Incentive

A person required to pay the Water Use Fee or Groundwater Transport Fee may elect to make online monthly payments in accordance with the provisions of this rule and receive a reduction in the payment of amount due. The Online Monthly Fee Payment Incentive Program offers a 10% discount to those who will submit their reports monthly online.

Returned Check Fee

A $25 fee shall be assessed for checks returned to the District for insufficient funds, account closed, signature missing, or any other reason causing a check to be returned by the District’s depository.