Welcome to the Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District

The Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District was created in 2009 by the 81st Texas Legislature with a directive to conserve, protect and enhance the groundwater resources of Ellis, Johnson, Hill and Somervell Counties in Texas.

The Mission of the Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District is to develop rules to provide protection to existing wells, prevent waste, promote conservation, provide a framework that will allow availability and accessibility of groundwater for future generations, protect the quality of the groundwater in the recharge zone of the aquifer, ensure that the residents of Ellis, Hill, Johnson, and Somervell Counties maintain local control over their groundwater, respect and protect the property rights of landowners in groundwater, and operate the District in a fair and equitable manner for all residents of the District.

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2023 Year to Date Water Usage (Gallons)

The water data reported below is from non-exempt water users. Exempt wells as defined in Rule 2.1 are not required to report their pumpage.

Ellis County
Hill County
Johnson County
Somervell County

2024 YTD water usage updated 5/31/24