TexMesonet Network

The TexMesonet Program was established by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) in 2016 following the severe flooding that affected regions of Texas. According to the summary on the TexMesonet website, a mesonet is a network of weather stations spaced close enough to each other to observe and track weather events, and collect data on atmospheric conditions, solar energy, soil moisture, and soil temperature. This data is used for weather forecasting, alternative energy development, agriculture, and for fire, flood, and freeze warnings. Measurement readings are updated every 15 minutes to the database.

There are currently four TWDB TexMesonet stations within the boundaries of the District and are located in Alvarado, Blum, Aquilla, and Glen Rose. The other stations you see below on the map include National Weather Service and Federal Aviation Administration mesonets. These stations help Prairielands GCD monitor weather patterns and rainfall amounts in the District through the near real-time readings the TexMesonet network provides. Other benefits are drought monitoring, flood forecasting, irrigation recommendations for urban and rural areas, and enhanced agricultural productivity and water conservation.