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Management Plan

History and Purpose of the Management Plan

The purpose of the management plan is to identify the goals of the District and to document the management objectives and performance standards that will be used to accomplish those goals.

The 75th Texas Legislature in 1997 enacted Senate Bill 1 (“SB 1”) to establish a comprehensive statewide water planning process. In particular, SB 1 contained provisions that require each groundwater conservation district (“GCD”) to prepare a management plan to identify the water supply resources and water demands that will shape the decisions of the GCD. SB 1 designed the management plans to include management goals for each GCD to manage and conserve the
groundwater resources within their boundaries. In 2001, the Texas Legislature enacted Senate Bill 2 (“SB 2”) to build on the planning requirements of SB 1 and to further clarify the actions necessary for GCDs to manage and conserve the groundwater resources of the state of Texas.

The Texas Legislature enacted significant changes to the management of groundwater resources in Texas with the passage of House Bill 1763 (“HB 1763”) in 2005. HB 1763 created a long-term planning process in which GCDs in each Groundwater Management Area (“GMA”) were required to meet and engage in joint planning activities to, among other things, determine the Desired Future Conditions (“DFCs”) for the groundwater resources within their boundaries by September 1, 2010. There have been numerous subsequent legislative enactments further modifying these groundwater laws and GCD management requirements in Texas.

Texas groundwater law is clear in establishing the sequence that a GCD is to follow in accomplishing statutory responsibilities related to the conservation and management of groundwater resources. The three primary steps, each of which must occur at least once every five years, are the following: (1) to adopt desired future conditions (Texas Water Code Section 36.108(c)), (2) to develop and adopt a management plan that includes goals designed to achieve the desired future conditions (Texas Water Code Section 36.1071(a)(8)), and (3) to amend and adopt rules necessary to achieve goals included in the management plan (Texas Water Code Section 36.101(a)(5)).

The District’s management plan satisfies the statutory requirements of the Texas Water Code Section 36.1071 and the administrative requirements of the Texas Water Development Board’s rules set forth in Texas Administrative Code, Title 31, Chapter 356.

Management Plan (Adopted 01.21.19) ​ (TWDB approved 5.31.19)

Management Plan Map

​Annual Reports

​The District’s Annual Report is intended to give an annual update on Prairielands Groundwater Conservation District’s progress on each of the objectives and standards included in the District’s management plan.

2020 Annual Report
2019 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Report